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The Olmar brand is present on the market since the late 1950s. It has always achieved important milestones thanks to its dedication to innovation. From the first product, a kerosene stove, Olmar became the Italian market leader in the production of gas stoves, then extending the production also to hobs and to the first built-in ovens. Olmar has been then the leader in Germany and UK in the production of the first ventilated gas ovens, necessary to maintain a constant temperature as never achieved before.

The very concept of disruptive innovation applies again with the launch on the market of the first gas ceramic hob, immediately adopted by sector leaders. The same thing happened in relation to the launch of the first hob burner, which drastically reduced the size of the hob itself.

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Starting from 2018, with the production of the radiant panels, Olmar introduced the 10.0 version of heating systems, obviously adding value to the product with various and exclusive patents and ideas. These make the products not only efficient in heating, but also perfect for the general well-being of those who use it thanks to biogenic waves. Their unique design classifies them as an elegant piece of furniture giving to heating a new image and a new idea of usability.

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