The “UNICO” SAUNA panel generates infrared energy and can be installed directly in the shower. Made up of a pane of glass with silver ions and an insulating grill in Canadian red cedar wood that pushes the waves away and does not absorb water, the panel has three FIR rays emission zones for targeted heat treatment: neck, lumbar area, and legs. Thanks to the remote control, you can adjust the temperature to various power levels and choose between two therapeutic treatments: the stimulating treatment or the heating one. The treatments can be performed before, during or after your shower, to eliminate muscle pain and improve blood flow.

Dimensions 560 X 1860 X 80 mm

Power 1750 Watt

Functions: remote control with 4 power ranges settings

Power ranges:

400W – 0.300 kwh consumption

800W – 0.600 kwh consumption

1200W – 0.900 kwh consumption

1750W – 1.300 kwh consumption

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This technology developed by Olmar adds pure silver to the glass plate. This patented DualAg + process allows you to combine the beneficial and healthful effects of biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Ionic Silver.


A patented technology that allows you to maximize the efficiency in consumption and related energy costs necessary to achieve the desired thermal comfort. It lowers the starting energy by up to 40% in maintaining the desired heat.

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56 cm


186 cm


0,8 cm


10 kg


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