Electric heating system with active oxygen ionizer and ozonator for air purification and sanitizing. No flue or installation needed.

Texture available in: gold, silver, bronze, black (3.490,00€)

Dimensions 400 X 2000 X 255 mm
Power 1800 Watt


Remote control functions with temperature control

Power control 100% – 60%
Active oxygen ionizer automatic or manual

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This technology developed by Olmar adds pure silver to the glass plate. This patented DualAg + process allows you to combine the beneficial and healthful effects of biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Ionic Silver.


A patented technology that allows you to maximize the efficiency in consumption and related energy costs necessary to achieve the desired thermal comfort. It lowers the starting energy by up to 40% in maintaining the desired heat.

Thermal wellbeing in a sanitised environment

• Releases 8 million negative ions per square centimetre [cm3] into the air

• Ozone emission: 50 mg/h and two functions

• Increases oxygen levels in the room

• Removes odours caused by animals, cigarettes, smoke, food and dust

• Reduces the risk of viral infections and allergies

• Improves thermos-regulatory capacity

• Improves states of depression

• Stimulates serotonin, the good mood hormone

• Eliminates bacteria, spores, viruses, fungus, mould, germs, parasites

• Eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful pests all over the room 


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40 cm


200 cm


25,5 cm


12 Kg


1800 Watt


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