FIR – Far Infrared Rays

All living things are continuously subjected to the sun electromagnetic radiation.

Among all these electromagnetic radiations, we find also the Far Infrared Rays (FIR): infrared because they are in the wavelength ranging from red to violet, far because they are the portion furthest from visible light, distant from UV rays and microwaves.

They represent the beneficial and fundamental part for the health and well-being of every living organism. These rays are also called bio-infrared, biogenetic rays or life generators.

FIRs transmit heat through light: when our body is reached by far infrared rays, they are immediately absorbed, generating a precious and irreplaceable heating effect.

Ionic Silver

This technology developed by Olmar adds pure silver to the glass plate. This patented DualAg + process allows you to combine the beneficial and healthful effects of biogenic waves with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Ionic Silver.

Inverter Heater

A patented technology that allows you to maximize the efficiency in consumption and related energy costs necessary to achieve the desired thermal comfort. It lowers the starting energy by up to 40% in maintaining the desired heat.

OXYActive Concept

Thermal well-being in a sanitized environment thanks to the release of 8 million negative ions per cubic centimeter into the air and the emission of 50 milligrams / hour of Ozone.

The Discovery

The radiant heat emitted by far infrared rays was discovered in 1800 by the German physicist William Herschel. He was the first to demonstrate how heat could be transmitted thanks to an invisible form of light.

The Research

There are multiple studies showing the beneficial effects of far infrared rays. NASA also began to study the properties of FIR rays in 1960, discovering in 1980 that this ‘heat technology’ is safe and suitable for various medical and healthcare applications.
NASA itself has applied FIR light generators in spacesuits (covered with infrared active bio-ceramic fabrics) in order to stimulate the cardiovascular functioning of astronauts.

Funzionamento e Proprietà Benefiche

Due to its marked beneficial and therapeutic properties, these rays are increasingly subject of medical research and use in the healthcare sector. Thanks to their specific wavelength, long infrared rays penetrate the skin and the subcutaneous layers, thus interacting with the water molecules and organic compounds that make up the various tissues. This facilitates cellular exchanges, thus nourishing the cells and eliminating waste substances. Therefore, cellular activities are immediately reinvigorated, resulting in an improved metabolism.

FIR radiation therapy improves blood flow, strengthens the immune system and metabolism, reactivating vital energy and reducing, for example, diabetes values. It is used for muscle rehabilitation because it allows you to quickly recover muscle and joint injuries, reduces inflammation, swelling and spasms.

Tones the body by promoting the production of anti-oxidants, eliminating toxic metals and toxins from the skin (also fighting cellulite, which basically presents a circulatory problem).

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